Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

You guys remember the game “Truth or Dare” right? Well, here’s a challenge for the week…I dare you to ask someone for honest feedback. You get the best of both worlds with that challenge. It’s both a dare and truth. Anyone can be asked. A leader, mentor, friend, parent, siblings, dog, cat, you name it, just go grab the feedback. I find that self assessments are necessary for where you’re going. Open up your mind to perspectives. So many times we sit and think we are always right and have the solutions to every challenge that we face while chasing our dreams. Then you have those who have a fear of rejection and simply can’t take the heat. Wherever you are with this, I find my greatest growth opportunities were receiving feedback from both people I know and people I don’t. I know that’s a jump for some of you and I’m not saying do what I do because I don’t know your level of comfort, however eventually you will have to come head to head with that battle.

It is one of the most uncomfortable rewarding moments. I think although it is valuable, you have to be open to knowing this person may or may not agree with you. With that being said, posture your heart before approaching this individual with questions. Seeking feedback is equivalent to asking for help and normally there’s a motive. You can’t grow disdain for something you are seeking initially. Swallow your pride my friend. This may be a never ending challenge with someone who is stuck in their ways. Well I have news for that person, you will only get so far. Hard pill to swallow when you realize your will can no longer be done.

If there’s anything I can leave you with, it’s this: don’t listen to the person giving the feedback, listen to the feedback. Let that marinate a little. Why is this important? We remove bitterness, personal feelings, and misunderstandings. Instead assess and ask why. There is nothing wrong with asking why. Why? because you’re the subject and you simply may not know. I’m an advocate of education and not just with school curriculum but in relationships, experience, marriage, and etc. Find every opportunity to learn because everyone needs mental agility. A flexible mind allows you to divorce the context behind your theory being a priority. Before you perceive received feedback as “bad” or unsatisfactory, assess the feedback.

God Bless.


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