Meet the B.O.S.S

The inspiration behind B.O.S.S. stemmed from personal experiences of being a double minority in corporate America for Houston native, Clarice Ofoegbu, MBA. While pursuing her career, Clarice didn’t hesitate to let corporate America stop her from setting her goals of becoming a successful entrepreneur. After completing her business degree in Marketing at the University of Houston, she landed her first corporate role at an engineering firm as a business assistant for their marketing department. During this time, she nurtured her love for cooking and catering, eventually forming Spoiled Rotten Catering. Known to be the quintessential jack of all trades, she found love in technology and analytics in 2014 which inspired her to obtain her MBA in stakeholder management and business analytics.

Fighting against the negative myths of full-time employment, she has never allowed corporate America to preclude her entrepreneurial spirit. She used the fear of fueling stereotypes such as not being good enough as a strength to help build her brand. Clarice makes it her business to assist minorities all over the world by allowing them to understand the skills they possess and even greater opportunities ahead of them. Now working as a consultant, Clarice continues to display the definition of what it is to be a B.O.S.S.